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Voice choir visited Eskilstuna on 24–25 February 2017

Voice choir and the Association for the Promotion of Music, Culture and Arts were invited to visit Torshälla in Eskilstuna, Sweden, on 23–26 February to celebrate its 700th anniversary and the day of Finnish people in Sweden.

Voice choir had two performances. On Friday 24 February, Voice performed at the old Torshälla square, which is right next to the old church. Next day on Saturday 25 February, Voice held its main concert in Torshälla Church. Torshälla Church is beautiful and historic, dating back nearly 1,000 years. The concert was well advertised, and so the church was packed. Governor Liselott Hagberg, bishop Johan Dalman and members of the city management were also in the audience. Voice performed rearranged gospel standards and popular hits from different years.
In cooperation with Torshälla Finnish Association.

On Friday, the choir visited the Torshälla Finnish Association. Members of the local parish and the Finnish Association did an excellent job in setting up the festivities. The Finnish Association was founded in 1958, and it has operated continuously ever since. The year 2017 is also a significant one for Finnish people living in Sweden. This year is after all the centenary of Finland's independence.

The programme arranged by the Finnish Association was heart-warmingly Finnish, being clearly inspired by Finnish traditions of the 1950s and 1960s – traditional sketches, folk dances, and we even watched a film from the 1960s. Athletics, in particular, seemed to play an important part in the activities of the Finnish Association.

Timo Sironen (PhD), a member of the Association for the Promotion of Music, Culture and Arts, held a lecture on how Finnish people have lived in Sweden and contributed to Swedish society ever since the Middle Ages.

16.6.2017Satu Heikkinen

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