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Säynätsalo Town Hall in Jyväskylä is open all year round

Säynätsalo Town Hall will become an increasingly attractive place for domestic and foreign travellers to visit. As part of the new four-season concept, a residence programme for architects and designers will be launched. To support the accommodation services and residence activities, a new café will open at the Town Hall in summer 2018.

A new concept and new services for Säynätsalo Town Hall

In its new identity, Säynätsalo Town Hall’s significance as a landmark of modern architecture and design is emphasised. It already is a go-to destination for travellers, students and architects interested in the architecture of Alvar Aalto. The building is frequently visited by international student groups. It has also gained a growing fan base among American, Japanese and Chinese visitors with a taste for modern Nordic architecture.

In October 2018, the new international Residence Programme for Architects and Designers will be launched. To begin with, the residence will offer accommodation and studios for 6–8 students and researchers for 1–2 months during the winter season. The Alvar Aalto Foundation is the content production partner.

Besides the residence programme, Säynätsalo Town Hall will also be focusing on tourism. Interesting travel products that bring together architecture and nature travel are being designed with the stakeholders. The Town Hall will also provide services for the local community. It can be hired for various events and festivities. The stylish Boardroom makes a beautiful meeting venue while the large Council Hall is ideal for seminars and lectures. The venue is also suitable for small concerts, weddings, memorial services, christenings and name-giving ceremonies as well as art exhibitions.

The café is at the stage where the planning permission is being finalised, as is the case with listed buildings, detailed and comprehensive surveys and studies are necessary before any building work begins. The designs have been drawn up in close collaboration with the Alvar Aalto Foundation and the National Board of Antiquities. Once the planning permissions are in order, the project will be managed by the City of Jyväskylä Real Estate Services. The entrepreneur will be responsible for furnishing the café and running the business. The shared goal for all is to open a café at the Town Hall that would be open year-round, and that would also house a small bakery and cake shop.

“Säynätsalo Town Hall is one of Alvar Aalto’s absolute key works, and it is extremely well preserved. Keeping the building open for business with a use that suits its design is very important,” says architect Jonas Malmberg from the Alvar Aalto Foundation.

Tavolo Bianco continues the story of the Town Hall

Säynätsalo Town Hall, located on the island of Säynätsalo in Jyväskylä, is one of Alvar Aalto’s most significant designs. Nestled amongst a pine forest near Lake Päijänne, the original use of the building was to serve as the administrative centre of Säynätsalo, a small municipality living off forest industry. The municipality merged with the City of Jyväskylä and its original functions ceased. When the City of Jyväskylä closed down all its services at the Town Hall in early 2016, this magnificent piece of architecture was ready for a new lease of life – but without sacrificing its iconic image.

As a result of competitive tendering, entrepreneur Harri Taskinen has now been in charge of business operations at the building for 1.5 years. Encouraged by highly positive feedback and increasing interest, he felt it was time for the next step: to create a new concept for the Town Hall. For this purpose, Taskinen established the firm Tavolo Bianco, which leases some of the premises from the City of Jyväskylä to run its expanding operations. Harri Taskinen is supported by Heli Leinonkoski, who is a partner and chair of the board for the company.

- “My calling and passion as well as concern for the future of the building drives me to develop the concept on all levels – to offer unforgettable experiences – because this is about much more than running a business,” says entrepreneur Harri Taskinen.

Tavolo Bianco Oy

The white table – tavolo bianco in Italian – of Alvar Aalto’s childhood was large. Possibly the largest table in the whole wide world – and it keeps growing bigger. This is the white table at which Alvar Aalto did his work. Tavolo Bianco Oy is now offering opportunities and white tables for researchers, students and all visitors interested in Alvar Aalto’s lifework.

Tavolo Bianco Oy
Parviaisentie 9
40900 Säynätsalo


Tavolo Bianco Oy
Harri Taskinen, Managing Director
Tel. + 358 40 1971 091
City of Jyväskylä / real estate services
Mikko Lepo, Real Estate Development Manager
Tel. +358 40 830 6379

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