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Jyväskylä claims first prize in 2009 city.people.light awards

Finnish city top in seventh contest to recognize application of light in urban well-being

The city of Jyväskylä in Finland has been awarded the first prize in the 2009 city.people.light awards, the annual competition organized by Philips and the Lighting Urban Community International Association (LUCI) to reward projects which demonstrate the contribution lighting can make to the well-being of those who live, work or visit a city or town.

At a ceremony October 19th. in Gwangju, South Korea, Mr. Kari Ström and Mr. Pauli Partanen, representing Jyväskylä were presented with the 2009 city.people.light first prize, in recognition of the city’s ‘City of Light’ project. This initiative set out to position the city as a forerunner in outdoor lighting, investing in the latest lighting technology to enhance its architecture.

“We appreciated Jyväskylä’s great involvement in using all the potential lighting can offer to stimulate sustainable urban development,” says Iris Dijkstra, an independent lighting designer and president of the multinational city.people.light awards jury. “The City of Light project aims to build high-quality outdoor lighting in a purposeful fashion to highlight architectural gems, as well as to create optical guidance with light. At the same time Jyväskylä will also be able to reduce the energy consumption of its public lighting.”

Jury commented that Jyvaskyla constitutes an example of what an integrated approach of lighting can be. An approach where lighting is a major component of the city’s urban identity, and where concerns for energy efficiency, reducing light pollution and safety, build a lighting respectful of the quality of life of the city’s inhabitants. In Jyvaskyla, light is used to its full potential and the jury particularly appreciated the subtle use of lighting not only for major urban projects but also for smaller public spaces and parks where light is in direct touch with the people.

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Photos for publishing

Lutakko Park
Lutakko Park, photographer Mauri Mahlamäki
Lutakko Park
Lutakko Park, photographer Mauri Mahlamäki

Water tower in Kuokkala
Water tower in Kuokkala, photographer Juhana Konttinen

Further information (pdf)

Darkness is more than a possibility

HorisonttiJyväskylä is the forerunner in outdoor lighting systems. "Jyväskylä – the City of Light" is a development project and long-term process. Investments are being made in to develop the city’s lighting system so that the correct use of light creates security, is scenically valued and takes environmental effects into consideration. High-quality outdoor lighting affects positively to inhabitants, local business and tourism. City of Light -project has been one of the most important development projects for the city.

The wider aim is to develop the outdoor lighting culture in Finland. The city's role is to build good lighting but also to control and assist in the implementation of lighting in building projects. City is guiding inhabitants and professionals to build good lighting. A special architectural lighting event is organized every second autumn. Next light event will be in autumn 2010.

KaupplaispihaJyväskylä – the City of Light" is a collaboration project between local businesses, building owners and the city. There are almost 50 installations ready and most of them are introduced in this brochure with a map (pdf). You can also get your own copy from Nikolainkulma tourist office in Asemakatu 6.


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