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The Hippos project

Hippos, havainnekuva alueesta. Kuva: Leo Nuutinen/Jyväskylän kaupunki.Hippoksesta rakennetaan Suomen suurin liikunnan, urheilun ja ammattilaisurheilun keskittymä. Erinomaisten fasiliteettien ja laajan lajikirjon lisäksi alueesta rakentuu liikunta- ja hyvinvointimatkailun keskittymä, joka tarjoaa kaiken erinomaisista sisä- ja ulkoliikuntamahdollisuuksista hyvinvointipalveluihin. Majoitus, kauppa, tapahtumat ja asuminen ovat myös luonteva osa alueen sporttista ja modernia identiteettiä.

Hippos will be transformed into Finland’s largest complex dedicated to physical recreation, well-being and sport both amateur and professional. In addition to first-class facilities and a wide range of disciplines the area is set to become a centre for sport and wellness tourism that offers everything from excellent indoor and outdoor sports venues to wellness services. Accommodation, shops, events and homes will also form a natural part of the area’s sporty, modern identity.

Hippos, hippoksen alueen viistokuva 2016. Kuva: Leo Nuutinen.

The project includes construction of a new multipurpose arena, the aim being to link this to a sports-oriented hotel. Among other things the new multipurpose arena will provide a premium venue for ice sports and football as well as events and concerts. The Hippos sports centre will comprise adaptable facilities that can accommodate a variety of disciplines and potential uses. Down the line the facilities will include gyms as well as spaces for martial arts and ball games, as well as dance and fitness sport. The Hippos Hall will broadly speaking continue to serve the same disciplines as at present, with facilities for track and field, floorball and gymnastics.

The outdoor sports facilities will be completely remodelled to serve sports and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and types. A stadium for Finnish baseball will be built in the immediate vicinity of the outdoor sports facilities. On the city side of the Hippos area, and alongside the planned hotel, a complete block of new homes will go up. Hippos will also see construction of a new parking facility which will offer abundant parking space for as many as 3 000 vehicles.

Economic Impacts and Investments

During the construction phase the Hippos project will have a significant impact on employment, in the order of 2 000 man-years. As a consequence of new investment roughly 300 permanent jobs will be created in the area. The aim is to boost the number of people using the Hippos area each year from the current 1.6 million to 3-5 million when complete. The total floor space of the buildings at Hippos will amount to 122 000 m2, of which 65 000 m2 will be dedicated to facilities for sports and other physical activities and roughly 20 000 m2 to commercial premises. The plan also envisages 15 000 m2 given over to a sports laboratory, company premises and office space.

The area to be refurbished runs to 42 000 m2 in total, while new construction will cover some 80 000 – 100 000 m2. Parking will be radically re-thought and improved. When building has been completed the area will offer 2 600 – 3 300 parking spaces. Total investment in the area will be approximately EUR 270-3320 million, of which the City of Jyväskylä will contribute approximately EUR 30 million.

The project has been outlined on the basis of current information; details of final plans will be published as the project progresses.

Hippos is one of four urban development platforms in Jyväskylä.

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