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Immigrant Services

Education for immigrants
The schools of Jyväskylä have a total of approximately 500 immigrant students whose native language is not Finnish. These students receive preparatory and remedial education, teaching in their own native language, and classes in Finnish as a second language.

Adjustment / integration services
The purpose of Immigrant Services is to receive quota refugees and returning Ingrian Finns who are settling in Jyväskylä, and to help them adjust to Finnish society. Integration services for immigrants are provided in two locations: at the office of immigrant services in Ailakinkatu 17 and at the Huhtasuo healthcare centre in Nevakatu 1 (first floor):

  • at the office of immigrant services (Ailakinkatu 17), information services are provided during weekdays. In addition, on-call interpretation services available
  • at the Huhtasuo healthcare centre in Nevakatu 1 (first floor) customers need to make an appointment, no on-call interpretation services or information point available

More information: Senior Social Worker phone +358 14 266 3434, see also the Checklist for moving to Finland (pdf)

Education for immigrants at the Jyväskylä Adult Education Centre
Everyone has the right to attend courses of the Jyväskylä Adult Education Centre. Its study programme also includes courses intended for immigrants.

Multicultural Center Gloria
The aim of Multicultural Center Gloria is to offer an open and interactive forum where people from different countries and Finnish citizens can meet. Gloria provides people living in Jyväskylä with information about different cultures, and immigrants with information about Finnish society. Gloria works against racism and prejudice.

Info-Gloria offers information on practical everyday matters, such as preparing Kela reports, filling out various forms, applications and permits, and matters related to education and work. The service is free of charge and confidential. Service languages are Finnish, English, Russian, Estonian, Persian, Arabic and Thai.

Monetra Interpreting Services
Monetra Ltd offers interpretation and translation services for the authorities, companies, associations and privative persons.

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