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The Interpreting Centre Of Central Finland

The Interpreting Centre of Central Finland offers interpreting and translation services to official bodies, companies and private individuals.

Our interpreters and translators are highly educated, experienced professionals, bound by absolute confidentiality. If you are not sure about your client's ability in Finnish, always book an interpreter. Interpreters are booked by official bodies to ensure that the subject matter in question is correctly understood. This provides legal protection for both parties.

Booking An Interpreter

Please let the Interpreting Centre know:

  • the language
  • the date of the interpreting assignment and the anticipated timetable (allow twice the time required for a normal conversation)
  • the location and address of the interpreting assignment
  • the billing address
  • the name of the official requiring an interpreter
  • the subject matter to be discussed (if needed, please provide appropriate material so that the interpreter can prepare for the assignment)
  • the name and phone number of the person placing the order
  • the name of the client requiring interpreting
  • the date of birth of the client requiring interpreting, if a refugee

If the client's appointment is cancelled or changed, please contact the Interpreting Centre immediately.

An interpreting assignment that has not been cancelled will always be charged according to the booked time.

Interpreters cannot take bookings, changes or cancellations during the assignment.

Ordering A Translation

Please let the translation coordinator know:

  • the languages to be translated
  • the subject matter
  • the details of the person placing the order and the billing address
  • the name and date of birth of a refugee client

When the deadline and the price have been agreed, the documents containing the material can be delivered to the Interpreting Centre. Official translations can only be made from original documents.


Please see this page on available languages.

When working with an interpreter

  • Speak directly to your client, as you would communicate without an interpreter, and take breaks while talking, so that the interpreter has enough time to translate what you are saying
  • Avoid professional jargon and dialect
  • The interpreter will translate all communication between you and your client without adding or omitting anything
  • The interpreter does not participate in the conversation but merely makes communication between the parties possible
  • The interpreter does not act as an advocate or as another official, but in a completely impartial and unconditionally confidential manner
  • To help the process, the interpreter may make notes; these will be disposed of after the assignment
  • If the interpreting assignment lasts for several hours, take a 5-10 minute break every hour
  • Use a professional interpreter, never a relative or friend of the client, and never a child (note: legal protection)

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