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Get a library card?

A library card is a personal card and it is given to anyone on application who can provide a proof of his/her identity and address in Finland. A library card can be applied for at any of the library’s branches and the same card can be used in all of the libraries in the City of Jyväskylä and in other Keski Libraries. An applicant under the age of 15 must have written consent from his/her guardian.

A library card must be presented whenever books or other items are borrowed or when required for other services of the library. When obtaining a library card, the cardholder signs an agreement to comply with the rules and regulations of the library, to return the borrowed items on time, and to pay the applicable fees.

If the card is lost, or the holder of the card moves or changes their name, the library must be notified immediately.

Get a password to the online catalogue?

Users will get a PIN code to accompany their library card. The code enables the user to see his/her own loan and personal details on the library’s Internet pages. The user can also renew his/her loans, make or cancel reservations, and activate or change his/her user details.

A customer identification code comprises of the number on the library card and a separate password. A password can only be obtained personally by paying a visit to one of the libraries. If a customer forgets or loses the password, a new one must also be personally collected at the library. Customer identification codes and passwords cannot be obtained by phone.

Book a PC?

The Main Library and all branch libraries have customer PCs with access to a word processor. The PCs can be booked in advance, at the Main Library on tel. (014) 266 4123, and at branch libraries by telephoning the library in question.

The computers at the Main Library, Kortepohja, Palokka, Tikkakoski and Vaajakoski Libraries can also be booked through the Internet. A booking can be made using the personal user ID and password. Sign-in to the booking system by using your user ID and password. More information about customer PCs and other IT services can be found in Library Services.

Go to the Internet Booking system

Renew my loans?

Loans can be renewed

Loans can be renewed up to 5 times; after that, the material must be brought back to the library.

Use the Interlibrary Lending Service?

Material that cannot be borrowed from the City of Jyväskylä, University or Polytechnic libraries, can be ordered by using the interlibrary lending service. Books, sheet music, microcopies, recordings, videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs and paper copies can be ordered through the interlibrary lending service.

Interlibrary loans can be made online. Further information and order forms can be found on the Keski-libraries' website.

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