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Activities and clubs for children and families

Family parks offer leisure facilities for people of all ages. The parks provide a variety of services, such as children´s clubs. Users are also encouraged to pursue their own activities indoors and outdoors alike. The parks lay on courses, concerts and fun for the whole family.

The family parks

Mäki-Matti family park
Oikokatu 7, 40700 JYVÄSKYLÄ, look at the map>>
tel +35814 266 3165

Yrttisuo family park
Kekkolantie 18, 40520 JYVÄSKYLÄ, look at the map>>
tel.+35814266 3210

Mansikkapuisto family park
Mansikkakuja 4, 40340 JYVÄSKYLÄ, look at the map>>
tel. +358014266 3226

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